Printing And It’s Relations to Media

Reading newspapers or magazines keep you ahead of your folk and make you aware with the global issues that are being discussed worldwide. Be it the Brexit or the economy that is seeing an all time low, you get to know a lot from the newspapers and the digital news portals that let you get instant news because all the time needed to shape an article and narrow it down to the exact word count is not required in the digital medium. Editing takes the backseat and news becomes the subject, as it should be the case.

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The Advantages

Reading has various advantages that other forms of hobbies do not have. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  • Reading increases attentiveness. This is a great achievement in the times when our memory can compete with the memory of a goldfish. The intellectuals like Howard Jacobson have been stressing the fact that reading must be practised sincerely in the era when social media eats into our time with all its pop-culture references and memes that are used to divert the attention of the people from a greater political discourse.
  • There are a lot of issues that get sidelined in the day to day struggles that we put up with. For example, Pickleball is a game that was invented in 1965 and it experiments with the rules of badminton and tennis in its own way. Also, it adds to it certain rules that make the game exciting and worth playing. Thanks to digital media, Pickleball has found a newfound interest in the people who think that it is an excellent game that brings together people of all ages and strengthens community culture in these times when nuclear families have become the order of the day.
  • Reading increases creativity because creativity is enhanced is you have a vast repository of materials ready in your mind. This is great, because you would be able to produce original content that can help you become a published author and also add to your net income. Most importantly, it will help you think logically, and to cultivate a certain subject, you will surely look up more and more books, looking for references, and will create for yourself a tilled land that would show its fertility once you sow your seeds of creativity in it.


Bit would not be unfair to say that people who read are much more smarter that people who do not read, because more often than not, the latter kind will end up making a statement that contradicts the present turn of events. Read, if you do not want to be the laughing stock at a gathering. Remember, reading is becoming more and more accessible by the day.